Tasha Van Zandt is an international director, photographer, and explorer that has traveled on assignment to over 75 countries around the globe. Her work have been commissioned by numerous international publications and exhibited around the world. She is a creator of cross-media projects for many of the world's leading brands and has worked with clients such as Google, National Geographic Expeditions, Smithsonian, Levi's, Adobe, Tiny Atlas Quarterly, among others.

Tasha is dedicated to capturing stories that foster empathy and using her lens as a tool to build cultural bridges that lead to greater global understanding. Her work has led her on assignments such as documenting Buddhist monks on the Thai-Myanmar border, researching the effects of coral bleaching at the Great Barrier Reef, traversing the Negev by camel while documenting unrecognized bedouin villages, surveying UXOs in Laos, among many others. During the summer Tasha works for National Geographic Expeditions as a Photography and Filmmaking Instructor where she has led educational expeditions throughout Australia, Iceland and Japan.

Tasha is currently working on a feature documentary with National Geographic's first explorer-in-residence about the first and last complete dogsled crossing of Antarctica. She is also working as a writer and director on an omnibus feature film produced by James Franco. Tasha is currently based in California where she works as founder and executive producer of Catalyst, a female-driven production company.