Role: Director
Client: Levi's
Launched: Spring 2016

Levi’s invented denim - since 1873 they have been the original denim authority. Their denim has become a symbol and canvas for self expression for everyone from musicians, adventurers, fashionistas, and explorers. People patch them, stitch them, paint them, and destroy them - all while making them uniquely their own. 

Levi's consumers are constantly seeking information on how to customize their denim. So this season we thought who better to lead the Levi's how-to content than Levi's tailors themselves. Levi's currently has 8 master tailors and 8 tailor shops around the world - so this season we partnered with Master Tailor Ryan Hayes from the San Francisco store to showcase his story, style and personal denim tips. We produced an exciting series of films, stills, and content to live on digitally, socially and in-store. 

Created the Tailor Tips project from the ground up - from creating the concept, selling it through as an evergreen platform, directing and photographing the first season to creating the hub where it will live on for years to come. 
See it live: